What Plumbing Services Offer us….

We usually use hydraulic Plumbing services relatively rarely – usually at the time of breakdown or renovation works. Professional support offered by a plumber is usually quite expensive, which is why we usually try to deal with minor faults and failures on our own. It happens, however, that the task exceeds our capabilities, requires knowledge, experience or professional equipment. In such situations, using the services of a plumber is highly recommended.

Plumbing Service

How can a plumber help us?
A good plumber will help in the assembly of a bathtub, washbasin, toilet and fittings (i.e. so-called white assembly), will also install a sink and faucet in the kitchen and connect the dishwasher. He is also not afraid of more demanding tasks: connecting a central heating furnace or boiler, creating a central heating installation or unclogging pipes. Plumbers also specialize in locating sources of leaks, causing even flooding of neighbors – if they have the right equipment, they will precisely determine the place of failure and thus protect us from forging all tiles and the need for unplanned renovation of the bathroom.

How do you choose a good plumber?
The relatively high prices of plumbing services often lead to the search for cheaper alternatives or to independently solve problems of water and sewage nature, but this is not always reasonable. In the worst case, improper installation or repair can lead to flooding of neighbors and thus transform potential savings into considerable costs. Is it worth the risk?

Finding a good plumber, despite all appearances, is not difficult. Just review the opinions and recommendations about professionals operating in the area, conduct a short interview with them, ask for references and a quote for the service we are interested in. This approach will allow you to quickly find a specialist who will efficiently carry out our order and not issue an excessive bill.

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How much do professional plumbing services cost?
Price lists for plumbing services are quite extensive, although what is particularly interesting from the point of view of building a house or renovation is primarily a white assembly – for the installation of a suspended toilet we will pay about PLN 210, bath tubs about PLN 150, shower cabin about PLN 240, and sinks approx. PLN 70

Much more expense must be reckoned with when installing or replacing central heating or plumbing Services. Installation of traditional central heating is usually billed individually – rates are generally PLN 140 / point. The situation is slightly different when installing underfloor heating, calculated in square meters – here the cost is about 150 PLN / m2. Installation of plumbing and water is even more expensive – approx. PLN 430 / point. If it is also necessary to dismantle the old hydraulic point, this price should be added to approx. 110 PLN.

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